Steph, a qualified pastry chef and lecturer, went vegan in April 2013 after learning about the animal agriculture industry and the negative impact it has on animals, people and the planet.

Her passion for patisserie and love of baking had her immediately revamping and veganising non-vegan recipes. She soon realised it was possible to create equally delicious vegan pastries and savoury dishes – so this is what she did!

 She knew it was something well worth sharing, and just like that: the seeds of The Vegan Food Pod were sown.

“By serving our vegan food at festivals and events, it is our hope that people will realise that they can still have all the food that they love, but in a much more ethical way. 

We want to create food that is fresh, delicious, nutritious, full of flavour and enjoyed by everyone, not just us die-hard vegans.

Our aim is to bring Vegan Street Food to festivals and every kind of event, in a creative and exciting way, and spark a friendly and sociable buzz from where we serve.

 Eating plant based is easy. It’s better for you and it's better for the planet. And because it is vegan it is created without any harm coming to animals. All our ingredients are carefully sourced.”

If you would like to share our inspiration, or learn more, get in touch and see for yourself. We look forward to hearing from you.



Steph and the Team xx